Q3 for Frank: The Spread of Continuationism

How do you explain the growing acceptance of and passion for continuationism among the most respected evangelical scholars and pastors?

Frank answers:

I don't attempt to answer that question for two reasons.  The first, more important, reason is that I have no interest in looking for the motives of anyone when they are not stated or perfectly evident.  There's something inherently unsavory in trying to pry off the cover of a man's heart to try to see what he "really" means by what he does.

The second reason is a little more practical: I don't think there's any kind of growing passion or acceptance of continuationism in "respected scholars and pastors" which is quantifiable.  I think the spread is, in fact, rampant in circles which are not respectable, and it is giving rise to all manner of problems which I think were very skillfully described during the StrangeFire conference at Grace Community Church back in October 2013.