Q6 for Frank: A Common Misunderstanding

One of the common misunderstandings that some charismatic and continuationists have of the cessationist position is that cessationists are anti-supernatural, deny the possibility of miracles, and don’t pray for healing. However, we know that isn’t true. In light of that, what then would you say is the most significant obstacle(s) you encounter when praying for those that are sick?

Frank's Answer:

I don't have any obstacles in prayer, especially for healing, except for my own laziness.  I think the misconception here is very clear: the apostolic gift (cf. Acts 2:43, Acts 3, Acts 5:12) of healing is not merely a prayer which we offer in the hope that God might answer it through providence, medical wisdom, or even the potential for a miracle: it's plainly healing done upon command or touch, and the assurance that the healing will take place is certain.

It confuses the objection of the Cessationist to say that somehow Cessationists don't believe in prayer.  The question is simply not whether Cessationists believe they ought to pray for healing.  The question is if the apostolic gift of healing by touch or command is still an active gift in the church today.